Dwight Schrute Caricature (The Office)

Dwight Schrute Caricature

I’m binging the Office (again) to help me take my mind off the Coronavirus(*). One of the reasons I love that show so much is that so many characters there are truly original, you just never saw these kind of characters before. Dwight Schrute, brilliantly portrayed by Rainn Wilson, is certainly one of the most original, refreshing, and amusing characters that will enter (or probably already entered) TV’s hall of fame.

(*) Ironically, Dwight Schrute would probably have loved the plague. Quoting him: “There’s too many people on this Earth. We need a new plague.”

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Unicorn Speed Drawing [VIDEO]

I created a brand new YouTube channel for C-Section Comics. My first videos are quick drawings I do for fun (example below). You can subscribe to it here.

Here’s you chance to influence – anything special you’d like to see in the YouTube channel? More speed drawings? Videos showing my work process and how I create comics? Generic tutorials on drawing? Let me know in the comments.

Let’s start with a video of me speed drawing a cute unicorn. And then drawing a not-so-cute unicorn.