Here’s a Good Reason To Follow Our New Google Plus Page

C-Section Comics has a brand new page on Google Plus. By following the page you can keep yourself updated with my cartoons and interact with me and other readers. I’ll be really happy to see all of you there, so here’s my incentives:

1) One of the first 200 people to follow our page within the next two weeks (by Monday November 12th) gets to be featured in one of our upcoming cartoons! (a cartoon version of you, that is.)
2) If more than 200 people join the page in that time frame, two of you get to be featured – so make sure to tell a friend about the page.

Please be sure to click the “Follow” button (and not just press the +1 button), like this:

Google Plus Page Follow Instructions

Or just click “Follow” below:

All Of Our Fans Will Get a Chance to Win a Prize!

Don’t you worry! C-Section Comics is having a special giveaway soon, and ALL of our regular subscribers will get a chance to participate! So if you’re not already following us, make sure that you do. More details soon…

Yours, Idan


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