They Asked, I Delivered – My Harp Twins Caricature

The super talented Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly, picked up my previous blog post which mentioned them, and asked me nicely to draw a cartoon of them. Since lately I’ve been listening to a lot of their music on YouTube while drawing, I’ve figured I owe them at least that much.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel I know enough about playing the harp to produce a good gag on that topic. But fortunately, besides making comics I also draw caricatures from photos for a living, so I decided to draw a caricature of the twins – and here it is:


Harp Twins Caricature - Camille and Kennerly as Mermaids


The hardest part was deciding which costume I should draw them in, as the twins tend to wear a different outfit on each of their videos. I eventually chose to dress them up as mermaids – I assumed that way I won’t get any “you drew my thighs too big”  kind of comments.

I’ll be back to publishing our regular C-Section Comics cartoons next week.


  1. Frozen Ropes

    Man, this is awesome!!! Totally bad-a$$!!! The twins should use this concept for a future video! I think filming underwater as mermaids would be doable! 🙂 Too good! Happy sea horse and fish, for sure!!!

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it!

      I can totally see them wearing mermaid costumes while doing a “Part of your world” or “Under the sea” cover.

      (That is, in an ideal world where Disney doesn’t threaten to sue) 🙂

  2. Benny Aguirre

    Well done. Not only am I a fan of the beautiful Twins Camille and Kennerly but I collect mermaids (art, statues, plush,etc), how can I (we) get a print of this wonderful piece by you?
    I would also like a caricature of me done by you. I am a Arizona Corsair and pirate by trade. My name is Captain Gato Bajau and would love to have a print of me as a cat pirate. Am starting a collection of such art of me as a cat pirate by different artists. Will send photo of me after you reply and let me know details. Thanks
    Captain Gato Bajau aka Benny Aguirre

    1. Thanks Benny.
      Regarding a print, as long as it’s one or two prints for your own personal usage, please feel free to download the image and take it to your local photo shop or printing house and make your own print (you can contact me here in case you need a hi res image)
      Regarding the caricature, I draw caricatures from photos at, so please feel free to place an order there.

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