How (Real) Smartphone Users See Windows Phone Users

How Smartphone Users See Windows Phone Users

A few months ago I published a cartoon about how iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users see each other, which became viral and still draws a lot of attention across the web. Earlier today a fan posted this post on the C-Section Comics Facebook wall, asking me to include Windows Phone users. Since this was the 1,000th time I got such a request, I went ahead and drew the follow-up cartoon above.

@Hansa, I loosely based the Windows Phone user after your Facebook profile pic. Hope that’s ok with you, but I really had no other choice – I wanted the cartoon to be authentic and I don’t know anyone else who uses Windows Mobile (except this guy who once got it as a gift and now lives in a secluded cave far from civilization).

Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

(Published originally in our Tumblr page)

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