The iPad 4

I hacked yesterday’s “No Smoking” comic in order to express my feelings towards Apple’s announcement from yesterday:

New iPad Rage Comic - C-Section Comics

In case you were in a coma, Apple announced several new products yesterday, including a fourth generation iPad and a new iPad Mini. The new iPad 4 announcement comes only six months after announcing the previous new iPad, which is now considered by most of your friends as an antique artifact which should now only be used by your grandma as a platter for serving tea and stale biscuits. Thank you Apple.

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    1. Considering that during the first WEEKEND since its launch Apple sold over THREE MILLION iPad 3’s, the majority of customers will still be frustrated.
      Also, it seems not to be an Apple policy, but a store-to-store basis policy, which means that each store could decide if it applies it or not. Still, a nice gesture, not to be taken for granted.

      Thanks for the link, Captain! Phasers on stun! 🙂

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