The Madonna

Christmas Spirit - by C-Section Comics

Bethlehem. 2000 years ago. The Madonna of the Jägermeister.

Inspired by this post on reddit


Merry Christmas y’all

Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft

Larry Page Says Goodbye to Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months. Quoting Forbes:

“Ballmer, who has drawn criticism from investors for allowing rivals like Apple and Google to outrun Microsoft in mobile devices, is currently trying to transform Microsoft to focus on devices and services rather than just software.”



NSA Pixar Logo Animation

I ran into this funny animation on reddit, and just had to share it.
NSA Pixar Logo Animated
Credits go to redditor “thereal135i“. He states that this animation was inspired by the following drawing, drawn by another redditor, “SexualWeasel”
NSA Pixar Logo Original by SexualWeasel
I find both hilarious.
Here’s another variation posted on YouTube

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