Overly Attached Bride

Woke up this morning and drew myself a caricature of “Overly Attached Girlfriend”.

Overly Attached Bride - a Caricature of Overly Attached Girlfriend

– “Overly Attached WHO?!”
– “Sorry grandma, here’s the brief…”

Overly Attached Girlfriend is a relatively new meme that was born on June 2012. It all started when a girl called Laina Walker posted this video on YouTube, in which she performs a mock version of Justin Bieber’s new single.

In her version Laina changed the lyrics, as they would have been sung by a crazed, overly attached girlfriend. It was all part of an attempt to win a contest which was held by Justin Bieber, but destiny (and the wise spirits of the Internet) had different plans for this girl – the video was picked up by Reddit and became an instant hit, receiving more than a million views in just over two days. Memes with Laina’s face began appearing soon after, evolving around the crazed needy girlfriend story.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme - Deleted Your Porn

Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme - I Just Met You

(via Know Your Meme)

The latest from Laina came yesterday, when she posted a Q&A video, answering questions from her numerous fans.

Will Laina be able to leverage her sudden fame to do something bigger, or will she fade away from out collective consciousness after her 15 minutes of fame pass? You can follow her Twitter account and her Facebook page and find out for yourself.

RIP Eduard Khil

Eduard Khil in Heaven - RIP Trololo Guy


Eduard Khil, a.k.a.” The Trololo Guy”, died today at age 77. I won’t write at length about Mr.Khil, as there are already numerous articles about him and the phenomenon he unknowingly created.

Personally, he  touched my life in two small ways

  1. His song made it to my YouTube playlist, and it’s one of those tunes that you can find very useful when you need to clear your mind and concentrate real hard on something.
  2. More importantly, he proved to me that it’s never too late to be discovered 🙂


Here’s the original “Trololo” song:


And here’s a beautiful piano version of the song by Lara:



Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch - Women's Day Cartoon by C-Section Comics

This is a  cartoon I drew for International’s Women’s Day 2012. It depicts women from different cultures and times in history, who managed to excel in their various fields of expertise. The women, led by Queen Cleopatra VII, are passing their torch of excellence to to a young girl, who in turn represents the next generation of leading women.

To all women (and men) around the world reading this, have a wonderful International’s Women’s Day 2012!

C-Section Comics, 2.0

(Tl;dr – C-Section Comics has a new design, check it out!)

Scrum is Happy!

Today I’m proud to introduce a brand new design to C-Section Comics (check it out if you’re reading this in your inbox or feed reader).

The most important concept in the new design was simplicity – cut down on unnecessary menus and links and give you, the reader, just what you need, where you need it. You’ll notice the comics appear much higher on the page than previously, so it’ll be the first thing you look upon when entering the site. Navigation buttons are right under the comics, along with a random comic button. You can also click on the comic image in order to navigate to the next one.

I’m also proud to finally make the move from Blogger (which I’ve been using for years now to host my comics) to the WordPress blogging platform, along with the ComicPress plug-in. The WordPress/ComicPress combination is a powerful one, and I’m sure it will give me the versatility I need in order to make your experience with C-Section comics a better one.

In the upcoming weeks there may still be some glitches and server falls and I struggle my way though PHP scripting and the art of managing domains. If you find something is broken, please let me know. And if you have improvements you’d like to propose, I’ll be happy to hear those as well. Either contact me or leave them in the comment section.

Enough talk for now – go check out the site! 🙂