Rabbit or Duck

Rabbit or Duck - by C-Section Comics

Rabbit or duck? Try your best luck.
Can it be both? Of course not, you schmuck!
Is it a matter of narrative? Nay.
It’s a matter of facts, not stories. Okay?
There’s only one truth, the answer is one.
So don’t be a quack (I know it’s a pun)
and tell me the answer right now or begone.
Shit, it was a T-Rex, and it bloodied the lawn.

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions - by C-Section Comics

For the new year, things I should avoid:
Bad advice,
too much rice
reruns of Miami Vice
slippery ice
pubic lice,
becoming unemployed.

For the new year, things I should achieve:
Draw more,
Sweep the floor,
Watch that movie about Thor,
Play some Rome 2 Total War
and sleep more (I’m naive)

I wish this year would bring us love
peace, prosperity, and fun.
Thanks for reading all my comics,
happy new year everyone!

Dumb Aliens

Dumb Aliens - Cartoon by C-Section Comics

If aliens would come to Earth,
this is what I’d say:
“Dude, you crazy? Turn around
and swiftly fly away!”
Yes, telling up from down is hard
in zero gravity,
but travelling to Earth is
outright clear stupidity.
Let’s all face it, planet Earth
is quite the place to fear.
Wars and death and plagues and rape
are plentiful down here.
Some are optimistic. Me?
I don’t see a breakthrough.
So launch your ship up back to space
and please do take me with you.

Comparing Incarceration Rates

Incarceration Rates - A cartoon by C-Section Comics

Let’s check incarceration rates,
worldwide (and also in the States):
Who fills up our many jails?
You guessed it – it’s mostly males.

Why is that? Because they’re brutes?
Because of natural attributes?
Time we dare to stop and ask:
are men judicially harassed?

How d’you think we all have versed
if statistics were reversed
and WOMEN were the ones jailed more?
Feminists would go to war.

Why are blacks jailed more? Let’s face it:
It’s because the system’s racist.
Can we all claim that ergo
judges hate men more? Hell no.

We all assume that men are strong.
The patriarchy can do no wrong
to fellow men. It sounds so right.
So let’s ignore men and their plight.

Kids, meet confirmation bias:
it’s that nasty thing that ties us
to our preexisting views.
(so our brains won’t be confused).

This is why we all disdain
stats that prove men are in pain.
So send those men back to the slam
’cause people just don’t give a damn.

‘Tis a fact that our conclusions
are nothing more than brain illusions.
(Best not tell it to your buddies,
‘specailly those in social studies).

Guns Kill People

Guns Kill People - by C-Section Comics

Guns Kill People – by C-Section Comics

It’s true that people are the ones
who kill their fellow men.
It’s true that even with no guns
we can kill. Then again,
it’s also true that guns make killing
simple and efficient.
You can kill a dozen guys
without being proficient.
We can keep on going and debate
just on and on,
about the constituion
’till the rise of that red dawn,
talking ’bout ammendments ’till…
“Oh, hey guys, take a look!
While we were debating there was
another Sandy Hook!” 🙁

Here’s an older comic about gun control and weed.
Which of them should we prohibit? Let’s find out indeed.