A few months later, the vaccines were ready. But, alas, woke people refused to take them, as it was unclear whether the team was diverse enough or not. And so, bounded by their own rigid ideological standards, the woke people fell asleep. Forever :,-(

Deadly Virus

A deadly virus rages
and its wrath we must elude.
Let’s find a vaccine for it!
Our dream team must include:

Twenty women (ten of which
should be women of color),
four Muslims, six Buddhists
(whose parents were blue-collar),
one Cuban, one Frenchman
three Russians, three Chinese.
Can I have some Mexicans?
Ooh, give me four of these!
I want seven Germans please,
we’re almost out of Poles.
Yay, our team is so diverse,
we’ve met our own woke goals!

We chose them by identity
and not by skill, but hey…
One might say it’s racist,
but who who am I to say?


This comic is being published as the deadly Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is spreading across China and East Asia, constantly threatening to spread to other parts of the world. To date, a vaccine has not been found, but several teams around the world are working on it.
Halfway around the world, it’s Oscars night again, and Hollywood actors, dwelling in self importance and hypocrisy, are preaching their noble values to plain folk (meaning us). If I thought that Ricky Gervais’s Golden Glove monologue would cool them down a bit, I was bitterly wrong.
The Oscars also reminded me of a previous comic I wrote about diversity (which I think we could all agree is an important liberal value), and how Hollywood is taking it to the wrong place.
Here it is – a comic about Under-representation.


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