Who's the coolest guy at the hospital? The ultrasound guy. And who's the coolest guy at the hospital when the ultrasound guy is away? The hip replacement guy.

Hip Replacement

“Listen to my pro assessment:
your hubs needs a hip replacement,
so relax, get with the flow.
Hip replacement – here we go!”

First we’ll make him go to sleep,
then we poison him. Don’t weep!
I’ll wipe fresh blood off my scrubs,
You say bye to your dear hubs.

Meet Cool Steve, his hip replacement,
Listen to my next bold statement:
Cool Steve will take care of you.
He’ll be your beloved boo.

Steve’s so tanned. Such a great hue.
He’ll do awesome stuff for you.
Whoa Steve, tell me, why’s your hand
on my buttocks? MY it’s tanned!

OK lady, change of plan:
Steve appears to be MY man.
He likes me. You? Not so much.
I can tell it by his touch.

It’s a twist to our short plot.
Though I’m not gay, hell, I’m not.
I’m still straight but Steve’s SO hip,
that I’m gonna let it slip.”


Here’s an oldie I drew about wrong side surgery (and other medical mistakes that should never happen).

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