Then again,
by wishing for something that has NO consequences
instead of wishing for something that has DIRE consequences
he may have prevented a catastrophe.
Maybe he's not that insignificant after all.

The Most Insignificant Person in the World

“Insignificant”, you say?
Useless? Meaningless as naught?
Rub the lamp and Genie may
just help you get the thing you sought.

Wish that you were never born –
and Genie makes this wish come true.
The universal fabric’s torn
a paradox is made, woohoo!

You will return to life asap
to solve the paradox – POOF, SWISH!
Guess what, your life’s still total crap,
plus you just wasted a good wish!


Here’s another depressing comic featuring the beefy blue Genie.


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