Sheldon Cooper vs. Amy Farrah Fowler

Jim Parsons vs. Mayim Bialik

Here’s your proof that the American TV industry discrimintaes women…

(Jim and Mayim play Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory.)


  1. Sarah

    They are very different characters by now, and the two of them are just amazing. Jim has been playing Sheldon for four years, Mayim had just joined the show last year, and she is doing so magnificently well this season, I wouldn't be surprised if she is nominated or even wins next year.

  2. Eli

    They DON'T PLAY the same character. You're SO wrong. And if Jim has an award, that is because who nominated him think/s him is a great actor and he must be nominated. Mayim is a GREAT actress, too, but if Jim is nominated and she's not, it is not "discrimination".
    Sheldon and Amy are very different, and Jim and Mayim act different. There's the reponse you need at your question.

  3. Jake

    While I agree they have their similarities (both play borderline autistic savants), I think each actor took its character to a different direction. Yes, at times I do feel that Amy is a female version of Sheldon, but Jim deserves his two Emmys, no question about it.

  4. julia

    “look at it this way, if there was no mayim bialik, TBBT would survive. if there was no jim parsons, there would be no TBBT.”
    this, pretty much. not to mention that parsons really DOES deserve his emmys (maybe not two in a row, but those awards tend to repeat themselves), and mayim bialik is not such a good actress. i don’t understand the whole fuss about her. very often she over- or under-acts her scenes.

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