He'd look awesome with VR glasses

The Kim Jong-Un Binoculars Fetish

Here’s the poem about Kim Jong-Un binoculars fetish:

* * * * *

The Kim Jong-Un Binoculars Fetish / by C-Section Comics


Kim Jong-Un was quite a goon
but still he looked like a buffoon.
He needed a more manly look,
something not quite by the book.
Binoculars are a great prop,
they made him look like he’s on top
of everything. But let’s be frank:
he still looked like a kid on crank.

* * * * *
Here’s a previous comic ’bout
a dictator both firm and stout,
Gaddafi was this guy’s last name,
he set the Middle-East aflame.

* * * * *

I think it’s safe to assume that this website will now probably be targeted by North Korean hackers. If it does, then… thanks for reading and take care… It was fun while it lasted.