The Vista model was buggy, but Tanning Bed 7 took care of most of the issues

The Mummy

Lesson learned: Never volunteer to beta test a Microsoft product…

And one final comment: It’s not that I lack imagination in predicting the way future humans would dress. Archeologist fashion hardly changed in the last two hundred years. I see no reason it would change in the next three thousand.


  1. Hover with your mouse over the comic strip to get a clue…
    I had bad experience with a few Microsoft products, but I had a NIGHTMARISH experience with Windows Vista (pre-SP1), can't think of how crummy it was to beta test it.

    It doesn't have to be that way. For editing this blog for example, I'm using "Blogger In Draft", which is Google's beta server of Blogger. Vista's official release was not remotely as stable and bug-free as Blogger In Draft. Maybe it's because many of the good Microsoft programmers defected to Google? 🙂

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