Deadly Virus

Deadly Virus

A deadly virus rages
and its wrath we must elude.
Let’s find a vaccine for it!
Our dream team must include:

Twenty women (ten of which
should be women of color),
four Muslims, six Buddhists
(whose parents were blue-collar),
one Cuban, one Frenchman
three Russians, three Chinese.
Can I have some Mexicans?
Ooh, give me four of these!
I want seven Germans please,
we’re almost out of Poles.
Yay, our team is so diverse,
we’ve met our own woke goals!

We chose them by identity
and not by skill, but hey…
One might say it’s racist,
but who who am I to say?


This comic is being published as the deadly Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is spreading across China and East Asia, constantly threatening to spread to other parts of the world. To date, a vaccine has not been found, but several teams around the world are working on it.
Halfway around the world, it’s Oscars night again, and Hollywood actors, dwelling in self importance and hypocrisy, are preaching their noble values to plain folk (meaning us). If I thought that Ricky Gervais’s Golden Glove monologue would cool them down a bit, I was bitterly wrong.
The Oscars also reminded me of a previous comic I wrote about diversity (which I think we could all agree is an important liberal value), and how Hollywood is taking it to the wrong place.
Here it is – a comic about Under-representation.


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God’s Grand Plan

God's grand plan

“It’s all part of God’s grand plan.”
Since humanity began,
karma, luck, and even fate
have controlled our lives to date.

That’s why we all felt much dread
when Nietzsche stood one day and said
that everything is random, ’cause
chaos rules, no divine laws.

Does the world have a grand plan?
Or was Nietzsche right? Oh man,
who am I to say who’s right?
This gives me a headache… g’night.


Now you know why there’s a separate heaven for doggies.

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David fights Goliath

David fights Goliath - Cartoon

I’m Goliath, you are David, here to fight me, it’s so clear.
Put the rock inside the sling and swing it David, don’t you fear.
Just be sure that your projectile is a rock and not an egg.
In the latter case at least make it hard-boiled, Dave. Please, I beg!
Hard-boiled eggs are harder, but you see, at least they are not raw.
Raw eggs give you diahrrea, salmonella, I’m in awe.
Liquid shit and puke for days, it might kill me. And if not,
I will wish that I was dead, so let’s start Dave, take your best shot!


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The biblical verses describing how David fights Goliath (1 Samuel, 17):

And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came, and drew nigh to meet David, that David hastened, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.
And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth.
So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him; but there was no sword in the hand of David.


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Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain, come here, hey!
Forest’s burning night and day.
It smells like an old ashtray.
Rain rain, can’t you stay?

Rain rain, please just stay!
Animals are dead, oy vey!
Soot-black trees, death and decay.
Rain rain, won’t you stay?

Rain rain, don’t you stay!
It’s too late now anyway.
Rain rain, go away.


When you spend your afternoons with your two-year-old watching countless nursery rhyme videos on YouTube, and then your evenings following the latest on the Australian wildfires, you just have to make this connection.

If you want to donate and support the fight against the Australian bushfires or assist the victims, actor Chris Hemsworth has put up a page with links to various organizations you can donate to.

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Zeno’s Paradox

Zeno's Paradox

Zeno’s paradox is cool
to think about when smoking pot,
when crazy shit pops in your head,
filling up your zone of thought.

Zeno’s paradox is cool
to think about when shitting. Hey,
you really think those ancient Greeks
did not come up with it this way?

Zeno’s paradox is cool
to talk about with a geek friend:
philosopher, mathematician,
dude the fun will never end!

Zeno’s paradox should not
be used in court, don’t be an ass.
Don’t mention it in your sex trial,
or better yet – just don’t harass!


For those unfamiliar with Zeno’s paradoxes, the dichotomy paradox states that a runner (not just any runner, Achilles!) racing on a track will never reach his destination. That’s because that in order to reach his destination, he must first reach half the distance to his goal. But in order to reach half his distance, he must first reach a quarter of his distance, and in order to do that he must reach 1/8th of his distance, and before that 1/16, and so forth. Since there are an infinite number of steps the runner has to make, he will never be able to achieve his task.
The resulting sequence can be presented as {1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, …}.
How do we resolve the paradox? Well, Zeno assumed that the sum of the infinite series that he presented is infinite. But today, thanks to calculus, we know that the above geometric series converges to 1 (here’s the proof). But Zeno lived in the 5th century BC, and math managed to handle these kind of convergence problems only in the late 19th century (thanks to Cauchy and Weierstrass). Before that, some other interesting solutions were proposed. The one which I found most interesting (*) is Hermann Weyl’s proposal, which stated that you cannot assume that any between any two points in space there is always another point.

(*) The reason I found it interesting is that when I myself sat to think of possible solutions to the paradox, this was the first one that I came up with 🙂


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