It's Raining Tablets

It’s Raining Tablets

This is why tablet vendors make me go insane.

Tablets featured in this comic (by order of appearance):
The new iPad (iOS 6), Microsoft Surface (Windows 8), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android), Google’s Nexus 10 (Android), Asus Transformer pad (Android), Amazon’s Kindle Fire, iPad mini (iOS 6), Thinkpad tablet 2 (Windows 8).

I probably made some typos in the brand names or got some of the above wrong. If you see a mistake and want to notify me about it, please don’t do it in the comments. Here’s what you should do instead – write a mail and send it to the following address:

Because I honestly don’t.


    1. MDS

      Regardless of whether that’s true or not, this only adds to the confusion this comic represents.

      But no, they’re not nearly “basically the same thing”. The Nexus 10’s screen has 4 times the pixel count, it has an Exynos 5 CPU (Note: Exynos 4), Mali T604 GPU (Note: Mali 400) and a stock Android version (4.2! – Note: 4.1) which will be first in line to receive updates to a newer Android version when it’s out.

    1. Heheh Awesome! 😀
      Do let us know in the comments what are you planning to do with it (even if you registered it just so you could have the coolest e-mail account, it’s cool enough)

      BTW I got calls from several major Cable TV companies, they want this domain for their customer support.

  1. Right now, I have no idea.
    This is hardly a domain I can feature on my resume 😉
    But I took your advice and put up a landing page, welcoming the scores of cable, internet and mobile providers fighting for the domain. You can see it at

    I’ll be open to any suggestions. BTW, if you have a piece of web art that conveys the main message of the domain better than my placeholder, please let me know and I’ll gladly feature it.


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