Besides, if the Greeks are so smart how come they need German money to save their asses?

This One Time in Math Class


  1. This is an awesome comic man, really liking all the jokes. I was wondering how you got this template setup since I also am trying to do a webcomic.
    Btw, I'm your first Blogger follower, might want to put the box somewhere ppl can see it, I only found it cuz i looked for it :D.

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for commenting. Glad to hear you liked my comic 🙂

    Regarding the template,
    The basic template is one of the new templates delivered by the new Blogger designer, though you have to join "Blogger In Draft" in order to get it.
    On top of this I did a lot of customatizations using CSS. One of the most difficult ones is imitating the ComicPress like navigation button. You can check out the tutorial I used for this here.
    There is also a thread that I strated at The Webcomic List Forums which also talks about site design (though there I referred to my old comic). You can find it here.
    Hope this helps!

    Regarding Google Friend Connect, thanks for becoming my first follower :-). My personal preferance is having people following the comic using RSS, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, and that's why I put those icons on top…

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