"Alas, this scheme could have been so much better had I been born in American Samoa!"

Tricky Tony Turns Twenty-One

Tricky Tony waited just until it was midnight
since he just turned twenty-one, so he thought he might
buy his first beer when the bartender would give him one,
it would be the perfect set up, both evil and fun!
“The fool did not suspect a thing! This is such a thrill!
I was born in Hawaii so technically I’m still
not yet twenty-one and not yet legally allowed
to purchase alcohol!” Tricky Tony was so proud,
since Tony thought about this scheme ever since he was
ten years old, he schemed and planned, never took a pause.
When a friend told him “Look dude just use a fake ID”.
Tony sneered at him: “That is for simpletons, not me.”


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  1. Klaus

    Meanwhile I am in Austria where buying alcohol is legal at 16, with distilled products being legal at 18. But at least, unlike in Bavaria, beer isn’t classified as food for tax purposes 😉

    Mind you, I never drank any relevant amount until I was 28…

    Come to think of it, that was probably after I started following this comic and I am 32 now… How long do I follow you? XD

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