Wonders of the English language:
-"Your comics are shit."
-"Sorry, I mean your comics are the shit."
-"Oh, thanks."

I’m a Webcomic Consumer

I’m so lucky, lucky me –
I get all my comics free.
I read one, I read many,
I don’t need to pay a penny.

If I love it, good for me:
continuing my laughing spree!
Tweet, share and upvote of course –
I’ll do these without remorse.

But if I hate it I just might
comment on the artist’s site:
-click- -click- -click-, let’s hit submit:
“Your comic is a piece of shit.”

You may think I’m kinda rude,
but I’m just helping out the dude:
thanks to me the artist knows
just how much his comic blows.


Forget webcomic fans or webcomic readers – the webcomic consumer changes the way we treat comics, for better or worse, since, oh, around 1998…


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  1. Klaus

    Sadly fitting 🙁 I like comment sections to see what others make of a given comic page, but many webcomics have turned them off, because these things get too much out of hand.

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