Dear Facebook, This is Why I Miss the Old You

Dear Facebook, This is Why I Miss the Old You

Is anyone else here sick of getting promoted posts on their Facebook feed, instead of getting authentic content posted by friends and pages that you like?

Not too long ago, Facebook adopted this policy that resulted in showing you only a fraction of the content your friends post. A lot of content – content which may have interested you – is missing from your feed.

Speaking as a Facebook user, it’s a bummer because I may be missing interesting content and updates that my friends are posting.
And speaking as a Facebook page owner, it’s a bummer because only a fraction of the people who like my Facebook page gets to actually see each of my posts.

Instead, I’m getting promoted content shoved to the top of my feed (as a user), and being constantly asked for money to promote my posts (as a user and a page owner).

Facebook obviously made this change because they expect that people and pages will pay them to promote their contents. Now look, it’s totally fine that Facebook wants to increase their earnings, and it’s also OK to allow users to promote posts for money (to an extent). But for a social network, screening content from your users is… well… stupid.

That’s my opinion. What do YOU think? Let me know in the comments.


    1. Content policy wise? I would say so.
      The problem with G+ is that there aren’t that many “real” active users compared to FB (by “real” active users I mean people who actually do something there, not just registered users or people who pop in once in a while), but it’s getting better every day.

    1. Hey Daniel 🙂 In fact I don’t really mind Facebook running ads on their site (you and I do it as well), what’s bothering me the most is their policy of screening some of my friend’s content, and the constant, aggressive push of sponsored content to my feed. Twitter also has sponsored content, but they’re more subtle about it, plus they will never screen tweets from you. And yet lo and behold, they’re not doing that bad :-).

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. Mercedes San Fernando Ruelda

    Excellent cartoon, beautifully worked out with animated GIF. But….

    Why didn’t you see this coming when FB got founded, or at the next massive supernova-size red light, its IPO? After all, somebody has to pay for the geek’s mortgages…

    That’s the reason I never joined FB in the first place.

  2. Gavin

    This is all spot on, especially the caption

    For ages now, I have had to use the “Most recent” feature to see all posts. Facebook include that feature but they REALLY don’t want you to use it. Since they started filtering, the Most Recent feature only sits in place temporarily, for a few hours at most, then it quietly changes itself back to the default (filtering) mode. In the last month or two, the Most Recent feed is suddenly terribly slow and suffers from bugs and performance issues… I would almost go as far as to say this was an intentional change, to make you less likely to want to use it. They really really want you to see the filtered list on your news feed, for whatever reasons.

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