Degrading Facebook Cover Photos

Degrading Facebook Cover Photos for your Facebook profile (see them in action) – Download them all!

Download all (1.7 MB, Zipped)

Alien Probing
Facebook Cover Photo - Alien Probing

Bio Hazard
Facebook Cover Photo - Bio Hazard

Creation of Devil
Facebook Cover Photo - Creation of Devil

Escort Service Ad
Facebook Cover Photo - Escort Service Ad

Evolution of Man
Facebook Cover Photo - Evolution of Man

Pug Peeing
Facebook Cover Photo - Pug Peeing in Nature

Wikipedia Entry
Facebook Cover Photo - Wikipedia Entry

Facebook Cover Photo - X-Ray

Download all (1.7 MB, Zipped)


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing these beautiful cartoon Facebook cover photos. I like all of them. I also want to share some of my thinking. Today Facebook becomes a part of our life for children or even for elders, everyone enjoys it with their frineds or with their family. We can change our Facebook cover Photos as per our daily working mood. We can do that with only one mouse click.

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