Tricky Tony – No Alcohol

Tricky Tony - No Alcohol in the Car

Tricky Tony was pulled over, blue lights flickering.
Cop thought he was drunk because he won’t stop snickering.
– “Is there an open alcohol container in the car?”
– “Teeheehee no officer, there is none, not by far!”
He giggled evilly and thought: “This is a nice cheat,
an open deodorant stick just lays there on my seat!
It is known it has a lot of alcohol, and hey,
too much of it and I’ll surely end up in AA.”


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What’s in a Name? (FML / VDM)

I’m happy to be featured again in, one of the funniest websites I know. In case you’re not familiar with it, FMyLife (or FML) is a very popular website/blog that allows people to post short stories about how shitty their lives are. The website has an English version and a French version (called VDM).

You can read an interview with me on the website (French version here), read the cartoon on their website (French version here), or read a previous FML which I illustrated here.

(Read the interview, it contains a personal FML by me. Teehee).