Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

Dress for the job you want - by C-Section Comics

“Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”,
Johnson’s boss told him, a great advice from a savant.
Johnson quickly dressed-up as a hand, because you see,
that’s the kind of job he wanted – right-hand man he’ll be.
Johnson’s boss did misinterpret Johnson’s real intent,
“Come into my office, son”, he said, sounding content.
Hoping for a big promotion, Johnson closed the door,
instead he got a hand-job! This ain’t what he signed-up for!
Johnson told his colleague all about this strange mix-up.
And the colleague dressed-up as a foot. Yes sir, oh yup.
You may think it’s strange. Me? I think it’s no surprise,
’cause one’s horrific mishap is another’s greatest prize.


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First Steps

First Steps in the Corporate World - Comic

First steps in the corporate world:
welcome to your new job, bro.
Study, work, make sure to kiss-up
to the ones who run the show.

First steps in the corporate world:
trust no one, you understand?
Keep your focus on promotion,
this is what you really planned.

First steps in the corporate world:
you’re promoted? Good for you!
Manage them with kindness, but still,
make sure you are ruthless too.

First steps in the corporate world:
fire every guy you can.
and get new folks to replace them,
they’ll be loyal to you, man.

First steps in the corporate world:
Dracarys! Burn it all!
From the ashes there shall rise
the great phoenix, proud and tall.


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