Mermaid with Hat (Reddit Gets Drawn)

Mermaid with Hat Cartoon style Caricature - Reddit Gets Drawn

A cartoon-style caricature of a mermaid, freckled, with a hat, leaning on a rock. Sea and clouds in the background. I drew it as part of the Reddit Gets Drawn subreddit. Based on a photo of an actual redditor.

The original post on reddit can be found here.

A hi-res version of the caricature can be found here.

James Gandolfini

I was saddened to hear about James Galdolfini’s sudden death, at the age of 51. James was best known for his role as Tony Soprano in the hit show The Sopranos. I decided to draw him in what was for me the favorite type of scene in the Sopranos – Mafia boss Tony Soprano spilling his guts to his fair legged therapist Jennifer Melfi.

RIP James Gandolfini.

They Asked, I Delivered – My Harp Twins Caricature

The super talented Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly, picked up my previous blog post which mentioned them, and asked me nicely to draw a cartoon of them. Since lately I’ve been listening to a lot of their music on YouTube while drawing, I’ve figured I owe them at least that much.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel I know enough about playing the harp to produce a good gag on that topic. But fortunately, besides making comics I also draw caricatures from photos for a living, so I decided to draw a caricature of the twins – and here it is:


Harp Twins Caricature - Camille and Kennerly as Mermaids


The hardest part was deciding which costume I should draw them in, as the twins tend to wear a different outfit on each of their videos. I eventually chose to dress them up as mermaids – I assumed that way I won’t get any “you drew my thighs too big”  kind of comments.

I’ll be back to publishing our regular C-Section Comics cartoons next week.

Overly Attached Bride

Woke up this morning and drew myself a caricature of “Overly Attached Girlfriend”.

Overly Attached Bride - a Caricature of Overly Attached Girlfriend

– “Overly Attached WHO?!”
– “Sorry grandma, here’s the brief…”

Overly Attached Girlfriend is a relatively new meme that was born on June 2012. It all started when a girl called Laina Walker posted this video on YouTube, in which she performs a mock version of Justin Bieber’s new single.

In her version Laina changed the lyrics, as they would have been sung by a crazed, overly attached girlfriend. It was all part of an attempt to win a contest which was held by Justin Bieber, but destiny (and the wise spirits of the Internet) had different plans for this girl – the video was picked up by Reddit and became an instant hit, receiving more than a million views in just over two days. Memes with Laina’s face began appearing soon after, evolving around the crazed needy girlfriend story.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme - Deleted Your Porn

Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme - I Just Met You

(via Know Your Meme)

The latest from Laina came yesterday, when she posted a Q&A video, answering questions from her numerous fans.

Will Laina be able to leverage her sudden fame to do something bigger, or will she fade away from out collective consciousness after her 15 minutes of fame pass? You can follow her Twitter account and her Facebook page and find out for yourself.