She Said Yes

She Said Yes - by C-Section Comics

She said yes to the abortion,
no emotional extortion:
She said yes of her own will.
Wasn’t pressured, no, but still…

We will live a childless life.
Just us two, husband and wife.
I am happy, so is she!
Can’t you see that she’s happy?

You say what? It’s a disguise?
There is something in her eyes?
Sadness is it? Oh come on,
any doubts are now long gone.

You live in denial friend!
We’re both happy, to the end!
Who needs kids, it’s just us two.
So why the hell should she feel blue?


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Aerial Acrobats

Aerial Acrobats - Cartoon by C-Section Comics

Five aerial acrobats hanging from the ceiling,
audience claps and kids are squealing.
Squeals turn to screams as the audience sees
that one little acrobat hanged himself, aw jeez!


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Arachnophobia - by C-Section Comics

Arachnophobic? Listen friend,
some people you may offend.
Spiders do deserve their right
for equal life, for them I’ll fight!
Arachnophobia’s a disease,
so don’t be against spiders, please!
They are God’s children as well,
they’re not doomed to go to hell!
So embrace them my dear friend,
Arachnophobia – here you end!


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Yay, It’s My Fortieth Birthday!

My Fortieth Birthday - by C-Section Comics

My Fortieth Birthday / by C-Section Comics


My fortieth birthday – What? No, don’t hooray!
My fortieth birthday is a terrible day!

My belly is bigger, my hair a bit gray,
new wrinkles appear on my face every day.

My taste in music is clearly passé,
I feel ancient like relics they find in Pompeii.

Soon I’ll be needing blue pills to get laid
(Plus women will sex me only if paid).

I’m not far from needing to wear a toupee,
or going to bed at six on a Friday.

“But there’s lots to look forward to!”, Really hombre?!
Fucking fifty is merely a decade away!!



Now listen to forty-year-old you tell
sixteen-year-old you he’s dumb as a bell.


That Time When Pharaoh Yanked Moses’s Chain

Moses and Pharaoh - Travel Warning

Yanked his chain… because the Israelites were slaves… slaves, chain… get it? Ah never mind…

So today I learned the State Department issues both Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts. Alerts are for short-term events, Warnings are for risks rising from longer-lasting situations. Just for fun, I browsed their site but couldn’t find any warnings or alerts for the Sinai Peninsula at the moment, even though ISIS and other Islamic groups have been launching a series of attacks there lately, against both tourists and the Egyptian military.

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Happy Passover, Jews!