Sexual Tolerance

Their love is crippeling


In 1952, Allan Turing, one of history’s most famed scientist, was prosecuted for homosexual acts and was forced to choose between receiving “hormone therapy” or being imprisoned. This didn’t happen in Saudi Arabia. It happened in the UK, where homosexuality was illegal until it was decriminalized in 1967. Some 60 years later, gay marriage (or gay civil union) is legal (or at least recognized) in most of the western world.

We live in a day and age where the term “conventional sex” is being continuously redefined. Like it or not, you have to admit that it’s fascinating how lifestyles which were considered taboo a few decades ago are suddenly accepted as mainstream. It’s amazing how quickly our culture changes and adapts to new ideas.

It’s interesting to see where the next 50 years will lead us to. Where will we draw the line? Do we even need to draw a line? Will polygamy be allowed (as is the case in most of the Muslim world)? What about consensual adult incest (practiced by our two fictional Game of Thrones lovebirds drawn above)?

Will our society become tolerant towards any alternative sexual lifestyle? Will we allow all forms of sexual behavior? And should we allow it?

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