Thinking About a Low Carb Diet?

Low Carb Diet - by C-Section Comics

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
Bear in mind that it’s no fun.
It relies on self control
and chances are that you have none.

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
Bear in mind that mister stress
will shove those candies down your throat
and you’ll end up being a mess.

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
Bear in mind that you will weep
when your friends eat tasty pastries
while you eat dry grass like sheep.

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
GOOD FOR YOU! You’ll look aesthetic,
you will live long and you’ll prosper
while your friends go diabetic.


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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions - by C-Section Comics

For the new year, things I should avoid:
Bad advice,
too much rice
reruns of Miami Vice
slippery ice
pubic lice,
becoming unemployed.

For the new year, things I should achieve:
Draw more,
Sweep the floor,
Watch that movie about Thor,
Play some Rome 2 Total War
and sleep more (I’m naive)

I wish this year would bring us love
peace, prosperity, and fun.
Thanks for reading all my comics,
happy new year everyone!

The Sex Life Roller Coaster

Sex Life Roller Coaster - by C-Section Comics

The Sex Life Roller Coaster / by C-Section Comics

This ain’t what you’d print on a billboard poster:
My sex life is much like a roller coaster.
There’s times when I’m up, there’s times when I’m down,
but most of the time – I don’t get to ride.
This is what causes my natural frown
and the reason my nutsack is shriveled and dried.
Maybe it’s ’cause I am married with kids,
and married men don’t get much action, but still,
maybe it’s just that my private parts lack
what most women would normally call “sex appeal”.


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Pistachios Are the Fruit of the Hard Working Man

Pistachios comic

Pistachios Are for Hard Working Men / by C-Section Comics

Are pistachios really
for hard-working men?
To me it sounds more like
a pain than a gain.
You flex up your muscles
You put up a sweat
You work really hard
And what do you get?
A modest reward,
a moment of joy.
Two moments you say?
You’re lucky oh boy!
Long minutes of work
for a short lasting prize?
That doesn’t sound smart,
so you must realize
that pistachios are dumb,
and please take no offense,
but it’s working for peanuts
in the literal sense.


Phone in Bed

Phone in Bed - by C-Section Comics

Phone in Bed / by C-Section Comics


I used to count a lot of sheep
just before I went to sleep
but now I take my phone to bed,
it helps relax my weary head.

A YouTube vid with funny cats,
news article ’bout democrats,
another WhatsApp message – beep –
my phone will help me go to sleep.

And when I finally turn it off
disturbing thoughts my mind would cough:
Work, death, who said earthquake?
my sanity is here at stake.

Who wants to be awake ’till dawn?
Not me! I’ll turn my phone back on.
I sure don’t want to stay awake,
a new approach I’ll therefore take:

Get ready Brazzers, here I come!
(pun intended, roll the drum),
I’m going on a jerkoff blitz –
instead of sheep, I’m counting tits!


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