Rapunzel and the Coronavirus

Rapunzel let her hair down so the prince could climb it up.
Little did she know he was an undercover cop:
“I’m giving you a fine (it’s five hundred bucks) because
you broke one of my many social distancing laws”.

After that he fined a dwarf, a good friend of Snow White –
he didn’t wear a mask: “Are you doing it for spite?”
Little Mermaid got a fine for staying at the beach.
Tiana kissing frogs? “Oh I will fine that careless witch!”

Little red riding hood was issued a decree:
“Visiting your GRANDMA? Are you fucking kidding me?!”
Cinderella at a BANQUET – dancing all around,
Good thing that her sisters told him where she could be found.

Prince kept writing fines until his pen went dry of ink.
“I hope these fines will make those awful people stop and think
about how social distancing is good for us. No wait,
It’s not about some virus. It’s just PEOPLE that I HATE.


If you go with the Disney movie, the whole Rapunzel story takes place in the kingdom of Corona.

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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty - Sleep for a HUNDRED YEARS

Sleeping beauty couldn’t fall
asleep. She couldn’t sleep at all.
Her phone’s to blame. Wait, it gets worse:
Maleficent’s own sleeping curse
couldn’t make her shut her eyes.
To me it comes as no surprise
that she’s immune to sleeping spells.
Bye-bye fair prince, bye wedding bells.
She’s off to check her social feed,
it’s really all she’ll ever need.


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