Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain, come here, hey!
Forest’s burning night and day.
It smells like an old ashtray.
Rain rain, can’t you stay?

Rain rain, please just stay!
Animals are dead, oy vey!
Soot-black trees, death and decay.
Rain rain, won’t you stay?

Rain rain, don’t you stay!
It’s too late now anyway.
Rain rain, go away.


When you spend your afternoons with your two-year-old watching countless nursery rhyme videos on YouTube, and then your evenings following the latest on the Australian wildfires, you just have to make this connection.

If you want to donate and support the fight against the Australian bushfires or assist the victims, actor Chris Hemsworth has put up a page with links to various organizations you can donate to.

More environmental comics: here’s a comic about keeping our Earth green, and here’s one about human nature.

And here’s some more dark humor.


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Dumb Aliens

Dumb Aliens - Cartoon by C-Section Comics

If aliens would come to Earth,
this is what I’d say:
“Dude, you crazy? Turn around
and swiftly fly away!”
Yes, telling up from down is hard
in zero gravity,
but travelling to Earth is
outright clear stupidity.
Let’s all face it, planet Earth
is quite the place to fear.
Wars and death and plagues and rape
are plentiful down here.
Some are optimistic. Me?
I don’t see a breakthrough.
So launch your ship up back to space
and please do take me with you.