Live Forever

Genie - make me live forever

Human rubs the lamp, swish-swish:
“To live forever, that’s my wish!”
Genie answers with a sigh:
“Your latest wish I must deny.
Son, you seem to be quite clever:
You can’t wish to live forever.
Eternal life? There’s no such thing,
’cause nothing is eternal – ZING!
All things once did not exist,
therefore nothing will persist
forever. Everything must end.
It’s sad but it is true my friend.
Planet Earth, the Milky Way,
will totally be gone one day.
Many billion years ahead
all you know will be quite dead:
plants and animals, mankind
(yes I know it blows your mind)
buildings, mountains, deserts, seas.
All the various histories
of all civilizations will
not be remembered. Whoa man, chill!
It’s pointless to be grim or sad.
Just live your life, it’s pretty rad!
Well, ‘Ignorance is bliss’, they say,
and you’re alive, so seize the day!”


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Carpe Diem all. Seize the day.

Sad Kid

Sad Kid - C-Section Comics

Existential Nihilism
it’s a quite depressing prism
through which we might understand
where exactly humans stand.

Life has no intrinsic meaning
even though we are all leaning
towards thinking that it has one.
It is a grim truth to face, son.

The universe is quite chaotic,
people can be quite neurotic
once they realize this fact,
heads are blown and minds are cracked.

Life is meaningless my friend
it is sort of a dead end.
No real purpose to mankind,
our own purpose we must find.

Where we go from here? Don’t know.
But as humans we must grow.
We must find why we’re alive.
We must find our inner drive.

What’s our purpose? Soon we’ll find.
Maybe it’s just to be kind
to our fellow guys and gals
Come on peeps, let’s all be pals.

Help a stranger, be a friend,
charity, your hand extend.
If it’s too much, you can start easy:
Just don’t be unkind or sleazy.

Eventually we’ll carve our way,
it won’t be easy, no child’s play,
but we shall find our purpose, and
each other better understand.


The sad kid knew what he was talking about.
Here’s another comic about a kid facing the sad truth about our existence.


This comic is loosely based on a true story. I was walking in the park beneath my house, when I saw this apparently sad kid sitting on the bench, head down, shoulders sloped. Subsequently, I started running scenarios in my head about why he’s sad. Only when I got closer did I realize he was just playing on his phone.

When I started drawing this comic, I wanted to focus the comic around that notion of “screen zombies”, much like this old comic of mine about phone users losing eye contact. However, as I started to write the comic, it took a slightly different direction and became a comic about sadness, futility, and existential nihilism. It’s one of those rather rare occasions when a comic “gets a life of its own”, and takes a different direction than the one I originally planned.


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