Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredient for Cola - C-Section Comics

The secret ingredient for cola
is sugar.
The secret ingredient for fun
is sugar.
Energy? Sugar.
Happiness? Sugar.
Delicious, nutritious – it’s why I love sugar.

The secret ingredient for death
is sugar.
The secret ingredient for pain
is sugar.
Cavities? Sugar.
Diabetes? Sugar.
Addictive, destructive – it’s why I hate sugar.

Everything good in the world – is sugar
Everything bad in the world – is sugar.
This is babe the reason why
you are my love, and I call you “Sugar”.


Are you dieting? Avoiding carbs and foods which are high in sugar? Check out this comic about low carb diets .


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Nutrition Research

Nutrition Research - by C-Section Comics

Gather ’round and hear me, buddies,
talk about nutrition studies.
How come one day they all say
“Red wine’s good for you”, but hey,
next day they’ll say: “Don’t drink, quit,
red wine’s bad!” It’s strange, ain’t it?

It is not intentional,
they’re mostly observational,
which means their truthfulness relies
on people never telling lies.
Subjects fill in some reports
on eating, drinking and all sorts
of things which they are asked about.
This is where I have a doubt:
People often lie (don’t we?)
or report mistakenly
’bout things that they all drank or ate.
Scientist – don’t bite this bait!

Therefore we should all take heed,
be wary of the things we read
in such researches, mainly when
they’re quoted on BuzzFeed. Amen!


Here’s some interesting reading on that topic:

From Harvard Medical School’s blog – “Is red wine actually good for your heart”

The French Paradox refers to the notion that drinking wine may explain the relatively low rates of heart disease among the French, despite their fondness for cheese and other rich, fatty foods.
…However, the evidence that drinking red wine in particular (or alcohol in general…) can help you avoid heart disease is pretty weak… All of the research showing that people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol have lower rates of heart disease is observational. Such studies can’t prove cause and effect, only associations.

From VOX.COM – “I asked 8 researchers why the science of nutrition is so messy. Here’s what they said.”

Many observational studies — and other nutritional research — rely on surveys. After all, the scientists can’t hover over every single person and watch what they eat for decades. So they have subjects report on their diets.

This poses an obvious challenge. Do you remember what you ate for lunch yesterday? Did you sprinkle nuts or dressing on your salad? Did you snack afterward? Exactly how many potato chips did you eat?

Chances are you probably can’t answer these questions with any certainty. And yet, a lot of nutrition research today rests on just that kind of information: people’s self-reporting from memory of what they ate.


Here’s another comic about flawed methods in some scientific studies.

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Thinking About a Low Carb Diet?

Low Carb Diet - by C-Section Comics

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
Bear in mind that it’s no fun.
It relies on self control
and chances are that you have none.

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
Bear in mind that mister stress
will shove those candies down your throat
and you’ll end up being a mess.

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
Bear in mind that you will weep
when your friends eat tasty pastries
while you eat dry grass like sheep.

Thinking ’bout a low carb diet?
GOOD FOR YOU! You’ll look aesthetic,
you will live long and you’ll prosper
while your friends go diabetic.


Here’s another comic about dieting, and another one about stress.

Pistachios Are the Fruit of the Hard Working Man

Pistachios comic

Pistachios Are for Hard Working Men / by C-Section Comics

Are pistachios really
for hard-working men?
To me it sounds more like
a pain than a gain.
You flex up your muscles
You put up a sweat
You work really hard
And what do you get?
A modest reward,
a moment of joy.
Two moments you say?
You’re lucky oh boy!
Long minutes of work
for a short lasting prize?
That doesn’t sound smart,
so you must realize
that pistachios are dumb,
and please take no offense,
but it’s working for peanuts
in the literal sense.