Arachnophobia - by C-Section Comics

Arachnophobic? Listen friend,
some people you may offend.
Spiders do deserve their right
for equal life, for them I’ll fight!
Arachnophobia’s a disease,
so don’t be against spiders, please!
They are God’s children as well,
they’re not doomed to go to hell!
So embrace them my dear friend,
Arachnophobia – here you end!


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Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage - cartoon by C-Section Comics

A lot can change in just five years,
Come on friends, lend me your ears:
Gays couldn’t marry? Now they can;
An increase in our lifespan;
Bitcoin suddenly worth lots more;
ISIS finally lost the war;
Smartphones getting smarter (well,
otherwise they would not sell);
Climate changing, sea levels rising
(this should not be so surprising);
We had two genders, now there’s more;
Jobs keep being moved offshore;
A lot can change in five years colonel,
Yet one thing seems to be eternal,
a sad invariable you can count on:
my comics are still poorly drawn 🙁


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freedom of marriage, go check it out.


The first country to fully legalize gay marriage was Netherlands, back in 2001. In the United States, gay marriage was legalized on federal level only in 2015. Germany and Finland, countries considered as extremely liberal, legalized same-sex marriage only in 2017. The change is slow, but still, it’s a complete U-turn from how western countries treated homosexuality, say, 70 years ago, when Allan Turing was prosecuted for homosexual acts by the UK government. In other parts of the world, homosexuals are still being persecuted or even executed on accounts of “moral turpitude”.

Which makes one wonder – how will the world look with regards to legalizing gay marriage, say, five years from now?

Never. Say. But.

Never Say But - By C-Section Comics

Never Say But / by C-Section Comics

Don’t be a nut, never say “but”.
Especially when talking ’bout:
Gay rights, blacks and whites,
feminism, socialism,
evolution, prostitution,
altering the constitution…
I think you get the drift my friend:
if you don’t want to offend
the peeps around you don’t say “but”.
It’s best to keep your damn mouth shut.

Want another comic? Here
(This cartoon is sorta queer):
Bizarro world where heteros get
nasty comments filled with hate
from gays
because they’re different,
and being different ain’t so great.

Sexual Tolerance

Their love is crippeling


In 1952, Allan Turing, one of history’s most famed scientist, was prosecuted for homosexual acts and was forced to choose between receiving “hormone therapy” or being imprisoned. This didn’t happen in Saudi Arabia. It happened in the UK, where homosexuality was illegal until it was decriminalized in 1967. Some 60 years later, gay marriage (or gay civil union) is legal (or at least recognized) in most of the western world.

We live in a day and age where the term “conventional sex” is being continuously redefined. Like it or not, you have to admit that it’s fascinating how lifestyles which were considered taboo a few decades ago are suddenly accepted as mainstream. It’s amazing how quickly our culture changes and adapts to new ideas.

It’s interesting to see where the next 50 years will lead us to. Where will we draw the line? Do we even need to draw a line? Will polygamy be allowed (as is the case in most of the Muslim world)? What about consensual adult incest (practiced by our two fictional Game of Thrones lovebirds drawn above)?

Will our society become tolerant towards any alternative sexual lifestyle? Will we allow all forms of sexual behavior? And should we allow it?

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That One Topic That Everyone Has an Opinion On

So which rights should gays be given by the state? Should they be allowed to get married? Have kids? Serve in the military? This issue seems to be one of those subjects that everyone has an opinion on.

It’s a complex question. But here’s my simple answer: Give unto them whichever right you’d give unto yourself. In the words of that famous Jewish sage:

“That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole of God’s teachings (the Torah); the rest is the explanation; go and learn.” (Hillel the Elder, 1st century BCE)

There you have it. Love thy gays just as you love thyself, you vag-licking heteros.