Vacuous Truth

Vacuous Truth - by C-Section Comics

Members of an empty set in math (and logic) have it all.
They fulfill just any statement. That’s because, as you recall
an empty set just has no members, they don’t exist like me or you,
so anything you say about them, we’ll consider to be true.

Cats with wings can also sing, eight-legged dogs have a third eye,
humans that were born outside the milky-way can easily fly.
Listen, my fourth wife is nine feet tall and also she’s called Ruth.
This is not a lie my friend, in math it’s called a vacuous truth.


There ya go.

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Dothraki Language Curve

Graph - Dothraki Language v. Chance of Getting Laid

“Athchomar chomakea, friends! …. What’s that? No habla Dothraki? Ok… here are some quick facts about the Dothraki language.

  • The Dothraki language was initially constructed by George RR Martin in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.
  • It was later further developed for the “Game of Thrones” TV Series by language creator David Peterson.
  • Peterson was chosen to construct the Dothraki language after winning an internal contest in the “Language Creation Society” organization.
  • “TV Dothraki” consists of more than 3000 words, roughly the same as “Klingonese”, Star Trek’s Klingon language.
  • Most words in Dothraki were never used in the series or books.
  • Dothraki is quickly gaining popularity among geeks such as myself.
  • The Dothraki language joins a respected group of fictional languages such as Star Trek’s Klingon and Lord of The Ring’s Elvish, Dwarvish and Orcish.
  • (Finally, the red curve above for Dothraki could easily be substituted with any of those languages. The blue curve? Not necessarily…)

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