What YouTube Has Become Lately

This is YouTube lately.

In case you missed it, a while ago Google made a change to YouTube so that only Google Plus accounts would be allowed to comment on the site, thus stripping YouTube of its commentators’ anonymity. YouTube users were  “a tad disappointed“, to say the least – yours truly included.

I actually like Google Plus. I’ve had a personal account there since its early days, and of course a page for C-Section Comics.  I tend to enjoy Google Plus’s features and the content I get through the people I follow there. But forcing people to sign up for GPlus (either through YouTube or through opening a GMail account) so that Google can brag about the “millions of new users GPlus gets each month” isn’t a way to grow the GPlus brand. IMO it may actually achieve the opposite, as people would think “Wow, if Google goes all that trouble to FORCE people to sign up for its social network, it must be a lousy network”  while, as stated,  it’s actually a good network.

Google, I seriously hope you reconsiders this YouTube policy change. And please stop pointing a gun to our heads – if a service is good, we’ll sign up for it. If it’s not, just make it better.

Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft

Larry Page Says Goodbye to Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months. Quoting Forbes:

“Ballmer, who has drawn criticism from investors for allowing rivals like Apple and Google to outrun Microsoft in mobile devices, is currently trying to transform Microsoft to focus on devices and services rather than just software.”



The Jewish Wedding

In traditional Jewish weddings, it’s customary for the groom to break a glass – it is a symbol of mourning the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, but some believe that if the groom breaks the glass on his first try it’s also a sign of good luck.

What Terrifies Me The Most About Google Glass

It seems that whenever a technological breakthrough occurs, people will always try to apply it for sex. The more we change, the more we stay the same.

By they way, last time I checked, “Google Glass Moobs dot com” was still up for grabs… Just throwing it out there.
(This should not be seen as an endorsement by me of the above domain name or similar man-boobs related ones)…