Mail War II

War of The Titans

Six years ago (only six years? It seems like eternity), Google launched GMail and started a “Mail War” with its largest rivals at the time, Yahoo and Microsoft. GMail managed to revolutionize e-mail, forever changing end-user’s expectations of web mail services.
Now Facebook is challenging Google with its new Facebook Messages service (a.k.a Project Titan), which is considered by many to be the first offensive in a new “Mail War“. It’s finally here, folks. Welcome to “Mail War II”.
How will this one end? No one can tell. But one thing’s for sure – this war will spark a new technology race that could redefine our mail experience (maybe even our entire digital communication experience). It would probably take a while ’till we start feeling these changes. In the meanwhile, we can all sit back and enjoy the show. And yes, it’s gonna be dirty.