Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat of Hogwarts

Nine Eleven? Inside job.
Moon landing? Just a hoax.
Vaccines? Cause autism (and
they poison us, dear folks).
Corona? It’s a Chinese plot
to make us all go broke.
Bill Gates? He’s behind it too
(5G, it ain’t no joke).
Zionists? Control the world.
The Clintons? They’re reptile.
Earth? It is in fact quite flat.
(don’t laugh, you’re in denial).
“Conspirator” they call me, and they say
that I’m a boob.
But these are all hard FACTS!
After all, they’re on YOUTUBE(!!!)


Fact: at best the sorting hat would still perform at O(n log n)


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Frog Warts

Quidditch Frog

Bzzz Bzzz here and hiss hiss there,
Frog looks up into the air:
“Here goes the elusive Snitch,

You cursed me some time ago,
turned me to a green froggo,
but I still play Quidditch, fool!
I’m the champ of Hogwarts School!”

Froggy catches the ol’ Snitch.
Suddenly an angry boy
comes to him. He’s mad (but coy):

“Froggy, come out of the water!
Listen frog, I’m Harry Potter.
I’m the newest champ in town!”
Harry has an upset frown.

“You won’t bring me down again!
Now the boy looks quite insane.
Harry waves his magic wand,
frog’s no longer in the pond.

On that evening, later on,
Harry sits with his friend Ron,
both enjoy a meal that’s green –
frog legs, it’s a French cuisine.


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Funny to think that my previous Harry Potter comic was drawn in 2011. It didn’t have Quidditch in it, but it did feature Google Plus, which was then brand new, and is today discontinued.


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This comic is best read listening to this tune:

(If you’re not familiar with the context you should be happy, because it means you’re way younger than me)