Coronavirus vs. Alien Invasion

Coronavirus vs. Alien Invasion

When it started we ignored it.
Then we just diminished it.
Then we handled economics.
Then turned it to politics.
Then we dealt with social aspects.
Then we published memes, hooray!
We did EVERYTHING, except
what’s NEEDED to be done, oy vey.


(Small favor: this comic was inspired by a tweet that I saw the other day about how, judging by the way the US reacted to the Coronavirus, America’s first reaction to an alien invasion would be to lower interest rates. This sparked a whole set of ideas about what humanity’s reaction to an alien invasion would be like, based on our reaction to the Coronavirus. However, I couldn’t find the original tweet. So if by chance any of you encountered it and have the link to it, please let me know in the comments so I could credit the author here. Thanks!)


My previous comic which mentioned the Coronavirus was published about a month and a half ago. Back then, COVID-19 was a distant disease that was spreading in Eastern Asia, something you read about in the news and moved on. Who would have thought that just a few weeks later, I would sit in my home with my wife and kids in “isolation” (which is just a nicer word for quarantine), defending myself from the virus? Who would have thought there’d be tens of thousands of dead in Italy and Spain? And thousands in the U.S? (and it’s just the beginning). Who would have thought that so many people would become instantly unemployed, and more people uncertain whether they’ll have a job to return to once the storm passes?


As I’ve been obsessed with the virus lately, especially with the numbers, I had to do something to get it out of my system. I decided to put my programming skills to use and created this simple web site, which contains some graphs that illustrate the current status of COVID-19 in various countries that interest me. You can find it here:
It’s somewhat buggy (as it’s been a long time since I last used JavaScript) so you may need to refresh a few times before it loads. And it looks kinda crappy on your smartphone (looks better on tablets/laptops/desktops). But I update the data almost every day. Again, it’s more about my obsession with the data than anything else, but if you find the data interesting or would like some different data on it, let me know in the comments and I just might add it.


Finally, my rate of publishing comics will naturally decrease in the next few weeks as I’m focusing on taking care of my family. But I will keep drawing, and I’m sure we’ll get through this dark period and enjoy better days. It will take time, but we’ll get there. In the meantime – stay healthy, and stay at home.


While you isolate yourself at home, check my older comics on Instagram and Twitter.


Phone in Bed

Phone in Bed - by C-Section Comics

Phone in Bed / by C-Section Comics


I used to count a lot of sheep
just before I went to sleep
but now I take my phone to bed,
it helps relax my weary head.

A YouTube vid with funny cats,
news article ’bout democrats,
another WhatsApp message – beep –
my phone will help me go to sleep.

And when I finally turn it off
disturbing thoughts my mind would cough:
Work, death, who said earthquake?
my sanity is here at stake.

Who wants to be awake ’till dawn?
Not me! I’ll turn my phone back on.
I sure don’t want to stay awake,
a new approach I’ll therefore take:

Get ready Brazzers, here I come!
(pun intended, roll the drum),
I’m going on a jerkoff blitz –
instead of sheep, I’m counting tits!


Got till here? Don’t leave so soon.
Check out this related toon:
“Phone addiction? Read the contract:
You’ll be making less eye contact.”

The Circle of Love

The Circle of Love - by C-Section Comics

The Circle of Love is like a donut.

A round, tasty donut.

A round, tasty, chocolate frosted donut. With sprinkles. And creme. And oh for the love of god who cares about love just shove donuts to my face!!!

Sometimes love is a circle, but sometimes love is a straight dead end line.

EDIT: This comic made it to the top of Reddit’s /r/funny, and was second on Reddit’s front page. As often happens when I post a comic to Reddit, it stirred quite a discussion. This time the conversation was about love, relationships, marriage and obesity, including some confessions from people who lost weight for love or to maintain their relationship, and a very interesting comment from a clinician who treats overweight people with diabetes on a daily basis.

As often happens with art, it gets interpreted in ways the artist didn’t expect. Some people saw this comic as me encouraging people to become fat and neglect their health, while my intention was in fact to support people who accept themselves, and their loved ones, without allowing anyone to discourage them. This is of course is not a substitute for people taking responsibility for their health. Where’s the balance? That’s for you, and your physician, to decide. Anyway, you can read the actual comments on Reddit.