Tricky Tony Burns Ginger Jim

Tricky Tony burns Ginger Jim

As Ginger Jim arrested him, Tricky Tony said:
“I will BURN you, Ginger Jim, cuff me, go ahead!”
Ginger Jim was not impressed by Tony’s idle threat.
What a big mistake he made, one that he’ll regret.
Few months later, Jim lies on a beach, with so much style.
He got tickets, free ones, to a hot volcanic isle.
Tony laughs “Teehee” because poor Jim, he just forgot,
that gingers don’t do well in sunny weathers, they get hot.
As Ginger Jim’s pale skin got red our Tony was content.
He made Ginger Jim get burned, just like he had said.
It was fun but it sure wasn’t Tony’s last idea:
One year later Jim will get some burning Gonorrhea.


I just realized that even though I didn’t drew him so intentionally, Jim came out looking like Jumbo from “Once Upon a Time… Man”.

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