The Balloon

Balloon - OMGY Comics

A dream is just like a balloon:
shiny, colorful, and fun.
Quick, pursue it, pick it up,
Hurry, grab it! Run! Run! Run!

Life is the annoying hand
which holds a metal pin. Oh shit,
guess you weren’t quick enough,
’cause the balloon was popped by it.


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The Best Method to Handle Tasks

Tasks Dodging - by C-Section Comics

Life keeps firing tasks at me
in an endless shooting spree.
I dodge them quite elegantly,
leaving them for future me.

“Procrastinator” they call me.
Sorry, but I don’t agree.
I just like to use my phone,
why can’t life just let me be?

That’s my routine – I dodge and duck,
make sure that I am never struck.
The tasks will not stop when I die,
they’ll just hit some other schmuck.


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The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life - Comics

The Gift of Life is without doubt
the greatest gift that we receive.
This gift is too good to be true.
Myself, I simply can’t believe
that we had beaten all the odds
and we’re alive on this old rock,
which hovers in infinite space.
To me it’s really quite a shock.

Alas, it’s not that simple, though.
Let’s all just wait with the applause,
’cause all of this is transient,
and I say “all of this” because
the gift of life is NOT a gift.
It’s actually more like a loan.
We get our life, but in the end
we give it back to Death. It’s known.


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Grab Life by the Balls

Grab Life by the Balls - by C-Section Comics

When everything around you falls
and you feel that despair crawls
on your back or up the walls,
go and grab life by the balls.

Don’t let life own your butthole.
Stand up strong and take control!
Fight life with your heart and soul,
lest you’ll get life’s ten-inch pole.

This was just a figure of speech,
Life’s in fact a big bad bitch.
She has no balls, so best you reach
one of her nips and give it a twitch.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Are you there God? It's me, Margaret - C-Section Comics

Are you there Margaret? It’s me, God.
Here’s the truth girl, you’ll be awed:
There’s no meaning to your life;
The world is filled with pain and strife;
Suffering is all too rife;
Don’t expect an afterlife;
Every hope ends in despair;
There’s no point in faith or prayer;
Margaret, are you still there?
Oh shit! don’t jump off the chair
with that rope tied ’round you neck!
I was kidding, what the heck?
Life is great! It’s all we’ve got:
Food and sex and smoking pot,
video games, TV and books,
life is better than it looks.
Finding purpose? We’ll get there –
just don’t jump off that fucking chair.