Eighties Action Movie

Eighties Action Movie

Action movie, eighties style:
muscles, shootings, toothless smile.
Lots of catchphrases to quote,
pushing violence down your throat.
Wicked villains, spiky hair,
German accents everywhere.
M16s on fully-auto,
“Kill or die”, that is the motto.
Helicopters, jungle, bomb,
“This is just like Vietnam…”
Hero killing dozens while
he remains unhurt, such style.
Female sidekick, hot as hell,
he will fall under her spell.
Happy ending, music track,
next year’s sequel – “I’ll be back!”


Some loose inspirations for the characters drawn in this comic:
For the villain – Hans from Die Hard (German accent!)
For the cop – Schwarzenegger in Terminator/Commando/Red Heat (German accent!), Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard.
(And basically any action movie I watched as a kid).


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Tin Man

Tin Man Heart - by C-Section Comics

Everyone thought that the great
Wizard of Oz was oh so smart.
He gave Tin Man crumpled paper
and told him “Hey, here’s your heart.”

You would say “Well what’s the matter?
It might just be a good start.”
But Tin Man was not so happy,
and he tore the heart apart.

Tin Man acted rude and heartless,
ranted just like an old fart.
We all know this wouldn’t happen
if he only had a heart.


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I vaguely remembered having Tin-Man in an older comic. Apparently I drew him in 2011 on my comic on the mobile wars that raged back then (see item number 4)

That Terminator Is out There

That Terminator is out there

Listen people, listen folks
Terminator was a hoax:
Future robot with a gun –
his accent? Oh, it’s Austrian.

Terminator’s Austrian?
Meet one who’s Italian:
“It’s-a me, it’s Mario.
I just want to kill things, bro.

Koopa Troopas, Goombas – ding –
Mario kills everything!
Terminate them, no remorse,
using deadly brutal force.

Saving Peach? Shit I don’t care.
I just want to kill, I swear!
(And for that I’ve got a knack).
Ciao Amigo, I’ll-a be back.”


Here’s the original – Kyle Reese giving Sarah Connor his “That Terminator is out there” speech:


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You’ll-a be back.

Indecent Proposal

For you kids who haven’t heard about this old movie

Indecent proposal was one of those films that have huge success in the box offices but everyone says they’re terrible.