Zeno’s Paradox

Zeno's Paradox

Zeno’s paradox is cool
to think about when smoking pot,
when crazy shit pops in your head,
filling up your zone of thought.

Zeno’s paradox is cool
to think about when shitting. Hey,
you really think those ancient Greeks
did not come up with it this way?

Zeno’s paradox is cool
to talk about with a geek friend:
philosopher, mathematician,
dude the fun will never end!

Zeno’s paradox should not
be used in court, don’t be an ass.
Don’t mention it in your sex trial,
or better yet – just don’t harass!


For those unfamiliar with Zeno’s paradoxes, the dichotomy paradox states that a runner (not just any runner, Achilles!) racing on a track will never reach his destination. That’s because that in order to reach his destination, he must first reach half the distance to his goal. But in order to reach half his distance, he must first reach a quarter of his distance, and in order to do that he must reach 1/8th of his distance, and before that 1/16, and so forth. Since there are an infinite number of steps the runner has to make, he will never be able to achieve his task.
The resulting sequence can be presented as {1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, …}.
How do we resolve the paradox? Well, Zeno assumed that the sum of the infinite series that he presented is infinite. But today, thanks to calculus, we know that the above geometric series converges to 1 (here’s the proof). But Zeno lived in the 5th century BC, and math managed to handle these kind of convergence problems only in the late 19th century (thanks to Cauchy and Weierstrass). Before that, some other interesting solutions were proposed. The one which I found most interesting (*) is Hermann Weyl’s proposal, which stated that you cannot assume that any between any two points in space there is always another point.

(*) The reason I found it interesting is that when I myself sat to think of possible solutions to the paradox, this was the first one that I came up with 🙂


Here’s another comic about philosophy.
And here’s another comic about sexual harassment.


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Sad Kid

Sad Kid - C-Section Comics

Existential Nihilism
it’s a quite depressing prism
through which we might understand
where exactly humans stand.

Life has no intrinsic meaning
even though we are all leaning
towards thinking that it has one.
It is a grim truth to face, son.

The universe is quite chaotic,
people can be quite neurotic
once they realize this fact,
heads are blown and minds are cracked.

Life is meaningless my friend
it is sort of a dead end.
No real purpose to mankind,
our own purpose we must find.

Where we go from here? Don’t know.
But as humans we must grow.
We must find why we’re alive.
We must find our inner drive.

What’s our purpose? Soon we’ll find.
Maybe it’s just to be kind
to our fellow guys and gals
Come on peeps, let’s all be pals.

Help a stranger, be a friend,
charity, your hand extend.
If it’s too much, you can start easy:
Just don’t be unkind or sleazy.

Eventually we’ll carve our way,
it won’t be easy, no child’s play,
but we shall find our purpose, and
each other better understand.


The sad kid knew what he was talking about.
Here’s another comic about a kid facing the sad truth about our existence.


This comic is loosely based on a true story. I was walking in the park beneath my house, when I saw this apparently sad kid sitting on the bench, head down, shoulders sloped. Subsequently, I started running scenarios in my head about why he’s sad. Only when I got closer did I realize he was just playing on his phone.

When I started drawing this comic, I wanted to focus the comic around that notion of “screen zombies”, much like this old comic of mine about phone users losing eye contact. However, as I started to write the comic, it took a slightly different direction and became a comic about sadness, futility, and existential nihilism. It’s one of those rather rare occasions when a comic “gets a life of its own”, and takes a different direction than the one I originally planned.


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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Are you there God? It's me, Margaret - C-Section Comics

Are you there Margaret? It’s me, God.
Here’s the truth girl, you’ll be awed:
There’s no meaning to your life;
The world is filled with pain and strife;
Suffering is all too rife;
Don’t expect an afterlife;
Every hope ends in despair;
There’s no point in faith or prayer;
Margaret, are you still there?
Oh shit! don’t jump off the chair
with that rope tied ’round you neck!
I was kidding, what the heck?
Life is great! It’s all we’ve got:
Food and sex and smoking pot,
video games, TV and books,
life is better than it looks.
Finding purpose? We’ll get there –
just don’t jump off that fucking chair.