Populism - political cartoon

Politics is really hard, like steel and stone and wood.
The wiser politicians therefore know they really should
avoid talking ’bout the controversial topics, so,
they talk about the things we all agree upon, dear bro.

– “Poverty is not so good, crime is really bad.
 Life is very happy. Also, death is very sad.”
– “What about abortions? Are you pro-life or pro-choice?”
– “Sorry kid *cough cough* I think I’m losing my own voice”.

– “Why are you avoiding talking ’bout important stuff?
 Gun control, abortions, shootings?”
– “Kid, I’ve had enough!
 I work really hard to get elected so please stop!
 I lead in the polls and I’ll say shit to stay on top!”


Here’s another silly political cartoon.
And here’s an oldie about abortions.


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Make America Grit Again - by C-Section Comics

He made America grit again,
He tweets and golfs and sips champagne,
World leaders, from Bahrain to Spain
will all fear him throughout his reign.

ISIS, China and Iran,
North Korea? Bring it on!
They’ll all meet their bitter ends!
(except Russia, they’re our friends)

Love him or Loathe him. There’s no between.
He’s either great or he is mean.
Is he a buffoon? A mastermind?
Savior? Worst of mankind?

Is he a man of silly deeds?
Or is he what the U.S needs
to be great again? Who knows?
History will tell us, bros.


And now:

Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump
Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump

Let’s Make Earth Green Again

Trump Let's Make Earth Green Again - by C-Section Comics

Make Earth Green Again / by C-Section Comics

“We’ll make the world green again!”
our president had said.
“We do it for our children,
it’s THEIR future that we dread.”
Green goo flooded the rivers
and flowed quickly to the sea.
“Nailed it” said the president
and cackled with much glee.
We love our dearest president
because he really strives
to make sure green’s the color
that will dominate our lives.
Green pollution and green smoke
come from our industry,
since green’s the color of our precious
dollar almighty.



Here’s another comic about nature and pollution,
and Donald Trump / Petäys Resort – an optical illusion.