If Prehistoric Man Had Modern Day Journalism

Prehistoric Newscast - by C-Section Comics

This prehistoric newscast follows the known formula of modern journalism – start with stories that inspire fear, and continue with silly gossip/lifestyle articles. Never report on any of the amazing technological breakthroughs that are made on an almost daily basis in the world, because that would require you and your viewers/readers to use their minds and imagination.

Also, notice the anchorwoman has great looking hair.

To Do List

“Since the 1960s, the consensus among anthropologists, historians, and sociologists has been that early hunter-gatherer societies enjoyed more leisure time than is permitted by capitalist and agrarian societies” [1]. It’s also believed that hunter gatheres were the original afluent society. [2]

Of course you had a bigger chance to end your life in the belly of a lion, but that’s a small price to pay for happiness.