Tricky Tony vs. the Secret Service

Tricky Tony vs. the Secret Service

The Secret Service agents in the presidential rally
didn’t see it coming, no. Thus from a shadowy alley
Tricky Tony then appeared sneaking like a thief.
“You can’t stop me from shooting our beloved commander-in-chief!”

The agent quickly drew his gun and aimed for Tony’s head.
Poor old Tricky Tony was about to become dead.
“I’ll shoot him with my video cam” our Tony added. “Phew,”
the agent heavily sighed and let the trickster pass. Woohoo!

Tony reached the President (who was very busy chattering)
and shot him from an angle that was viciously unflattering.
The President got mad “It’s even worse than killing me!”
For he was as narcissistic as any President can be.

He ordered all the snipers to take Tricky Tony down,
but Tricky Tony vanished quickly, ran away from Town.
Teehee! He almost ended up lying in a casket
for live-streaming videos of the President’s breadbasket.


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Not sure who has the sillier outfit in this comic – Tony or the Secret Service guy.
Also not sure which angle WOULD be flattering in Trump’s cast, but still…

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Let’s Make Earth Green Again

Trump Let's Make Earth Green Again - by C-Section Comics

Make Earth Green Again / by C-Section Comics

“We’ll make the world green again!”
our president had said.
“We do it for our children,
it’s THEIR future that we dread.”
Green goo flooded the rivers
and flowed quickly to the sea.
“Nailed it” said the president
and cackled with much glee.
We love our dearest president
because he really strives
to make sure green’s the color
that will dominate our lives.
Green pollution and green smoke
come from our industry,
since green’s the color of our precious
dollar almighty.



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