Yay, It’s My Fortieth Birthday!

My Fortieth Birthday - by C-Section Comics

My Fortieth Birthday / by C-Section Comics


My fortieth birthday – What? No, don’t hooray!
My fortieth birthday is a terrible day!

My belly is bigger, my hair a bit gray,
new wrinkles appear on my face every day.

My taste in music is clearly passé,
I feel ancient like relics they find in Pompeii.

Soon I’ll be needing blue pills to get laid
(Plus women will sex me only if paid).

I’m not far from needing to wear a toupee,
or going to bed at six on a Friday.

“But there’s lots to look forward to!”, Really hombre?!
Fucking fifty is merely a decade away!!



Now listen to forty-year-old you tell
sixteen-year-old you he’s dumb as a bell.