Play by the Rules

Play by the rules - cartoon by C-Section Comics

A wave of anti-Trump demonstrations is sweeping the country. Demonstrators are marching in NYC, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Boston Portland, and other cities.

The latest demonstrations are undoubtedly legitimate ones (the peaceful ones at least). Demonstrations are an important tool in a democracy. But what is the purpose of the latest demonstrations against Trump? What is to be gained? Is losing an election a good enough reason to take to the streets? Is the goal overthrowing the president elect before he was even inaugurated?

I find it a bit ironic that the ones who call themselves “Democrats” are having a hard time accepting the result of the democratic process. Most democrats accept the outcome, as they understand that everybody has to play by the rules. But they are the silent majority. Their louder counterparts seem to play by the rules only when it fits them. They claim the results are unlikely, that the voters have been manipulated or fooled. Why is that? We had a Democratic president for the last two terms. Are the results of latest elections that unlikely? Couldn’t it be that that people are looking for a change in power after such a long time?

When people still like to pretend that they play by the rules, but they don’t like the rules, they might as well try to change them. That’s exactly what some democrats are aiming at, calling for a change of the voting system, substituting the Electoral College with the popular vote. Maybe it’s a good idea, maybe it’s not. But is changing the system really the issue we need to discuss? Or should the members of the party which lost the elections sit down and think ‘What did we do wrong’ and ‘What could we do better so that we’ll win the next elections?’

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