Dwarf Warrior Drawing

Dwarf warrior - Ink drawing

An ink drawing of a dwarf warrior, clenching his first. It’s been quite a while since I drew once of those.

Drawn on Clip Studio Paint Pro using a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

Here’s the pencil sketch version of this:

Dwarf warrior - pencil sketch

Here’s a time lapse YouTube video showing the various steps (rough sketch, pencil sketch, inking).

Note that in the rough sketch, I initially intended the head to be facing slightly upward, but a minute into the drawing I already drew it facing downwards without altering the rough sketch accordingly – it was a speed drawing and didn’t feel I need to change it in order to get the result I desired.

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Burning Hands

Burning Hands - D&D Comics

Playing D&D is fun.
Role-playing when rightly done
lets your mind go free and wild
as if you’re once again a child.

Burning Hands, Color Spray,
Fireball – Yay! Hooray!
D&D spell names are cool,
their outcomes are equally cruel.

Now imagine (don’t ask why)
they are sexual – oh my!
For an outsider it would seem
this would make the game extreme.

But imagination, friend
drives this game from end to end.
Sexual D&D sounds corny?
Not when you’re a teen and horny.


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