Things You Need to Do Before Playing an EA Game

The game I installed was (you probably guessed it) Battlefield 4. Honestly, I would have suffered the toils of this installation quietly, but the straw that broke my back was the plug-in installation requirement. EA basically took existing functionality out of their game’s client (it was there in BF2) and moved it to a web browser. Forcing users to install a plug-in on their web browser for the sake of running a video game is as sensible as forcing people to carry a trashcan whenever they leave the house, on the off chance that they might need to dispose of a candy wrapper. Browsers, as their name implies, are there for the purpose of browsing the web, and each plug-in harms that purpose by slowing down your browsing speed (not to mention they pose potential privacy and security risks).

EA, care to reconsider your approach?