Swear Jar

Sweat Jar - by C-Section Comics

Artie thought his swear jar was
a SWEAT jar. Boy that’s awkward, huh?
Every time that Artie sweat he’d
put some money in it. Duh.
This is why he made his best to
sweat as little as he could.
Always drank ice-cold soft drinks,
he never touched no spicy food.
When Autumn came he liked the breeze
cooling him and blowing leaves.
When winter came he wouldn’t wear a coat,
he only wore short sleeves.
He never took a stressful test,
and direct sunlight he would hate.
So many efforts not to sweat,
he wouldn’t even masturbate!
When Katey told him all about
her secret crush for him, alas,
he sweat so hard, lost all his money
to a jar that’s made of glass.


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Urinals with Ice

Urinals with Ice - by C-Section Comics

Urinals with ice,
stronger than hot spice.
Makes me feel like I’m a wizard;
Pee which melts is nice.Urinals with ice,
Here is some advice:
You don’t need to flushe’m, no.
Just pee, it’s suffice.

Urinals with ice,
what a great device!
I feel naughty using you,
it’s sort of a vice.

Urinals with ice,
am I in paradise?
I love you like Trump loves himself,
like cheese is loved by mice.


So yeah, ladies, some urinals have ice in them. The reason? Some men don’t flush. Putting ice in urinals is a flushing alternative, as it slowly melts and flushes the urine away. It forms a cheaper, eco-friendlier alternative to electronic automatic flushing mechanisms with sensors. It’s ideal for places which already store large amounts of ice, such as restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars.

“Melt meeeee with your urineeeee!”. Photo by Robert M. Reyes (used under creative commons license)



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What about you? Do you enjoy using urinals that have ice in them, or do they annoy you? Do you prefer urinals that have that fly sticker on them? Or just clean urinals? Tell me in the comments.

Moving in Together

Moving in Together - by C-Section Comics

Moving in together, after going steady.
Moving in together – are you sure you’re ready?
It’s a big step girl, living with a man
in a small apartment smelling like a garbage can.

Piss around the toilet (since his highness cannot aim),
he stays all night playing his idiotic video game,
His majesty wants you to clean his dirty underwear –
“My mom used to do it, baby don’t give me that glare!”

Cook him dinner, wash the floor – chores that never end.
He treats you like a servant, you’re no longer the girlfriend.
Girl you do not need this crap, leave and do not stay!
Find a girl, move in with her (you can pretend you’re gay).


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Well Aren’t You a Peach!

Aren't you a peach - by C-Section Comics

Hey there, aren’t you a peach!
I don’t really want to preach
but I can’t tell by any means
how peaches differ from nectarines.

Yes, the peach has a slight fuzz
but otherwise no difference, ’cause
both peaches and them nectarines
have almost the exact same genes.

Even though you won’t agree,
they all look the same to me.
So you may say, without dispute,
that I’m racist towards fruit.


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Make Me Handsome, Mister Genie

Make me handsome Mister Genie - by C-Section Comics

Hey Mister Genie,
I love your white beanie.
Please make me handsome!
Hey, don’t be a meanie!

Hey Mister Genie,
my tool’s teeny weeny.
I wish it was big,
just like a Zucchini!

Hey Mister Genie,
let’s go back in time
and kill Adolf Hitler,
or at least Mussolini.

Hey Mister Genie,
why are you grinning?
My wishes are gone?!
I had only three? Really?

Thanks to you Mister Genie
we changed history
(and my organ is bigger)
Let’s drink a Martini!


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