Comparing Incarceration Rates

Incarceration Rates - A cartoon by C-Section Comics

Let’s check incarceration rates,
worldwide (and also in the States):
Who fills up our many jails?
You guessed it – it’s mostly males.

Why is that? Because they’re brutes?
Because of natural attributes?
Time we dare to stop and ask:
are men judicially harassed?

How d’you think we all have versed
if statistics were reversed
and WOMEN were the ones jailed more?
Feminists would go to war.

Why are blacks jailed more? Let’s face it:
It’s because the system’s racist.
Can we all claim that ergo
judges hate men more? Hell no.

We all assume that men are strong.
The patriarchy can do no wrong
to fellow men. It sounds so right.
So let’s ignore men and their plight.

Kids, meet confirmation bias:
it’s that nasty thing that ties us
to our preexisting views.
(so our brains won’t be confused).

This is why we all disdain
stats that prove men are in pain.
So send those men back to the slam
’cause people just don’t give a damn.

‘Tis a fact that our conclusions
are nothing more than brain illusions.
(Best not tell it to your buddies,
‘specailly those in social studies).

Let’s Make Earth Green Again

Trump Let's Make Earth Green Again - by C-Section Comics

Make Earth Green Again / by C-Section Comics

“We’ll make the world green again!”
our president had said.
“We do it for our children,
it’s THEIR future that we dread.”
Green goo flooded the rivers
and flowed quickly to the sea.
“Nailed it” said the president
and cackled with much glee.
We love our dearest president
because he really strives
to make sure green’s the color
that will dominate our lives.
Green pollution and green smoke
come from our industry,
since green’s the color of our precious
dollar almighty.



Here’s another comic about nature and pollution,
and Donald Trump / Petäys Resort – an optical illusion.

Human Nature

Human Nature - by C-Section Comics

Environmental issues – it’s one of those topics that is on everyone’s mind – everyone agrees it’s important, but nobody’s willing to sacrifice anything in order to make things better.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s pollution like in China these days, and how it could look for us in the future, in case we continue not doing anything about it. The way humans work, we’ll probably have to reach rock bottom before doing anything significant to improve our environment.

Here’s another comic about the choices we make, and here are some comics about smoking.



How should we deal with issue of under-representation, such as was raised during the latest All-White Oscar Controversy, which broke after realizing that all of the Academy Award nominees are all-white actors, for a second year in a row? Do we need to establish quotas, or take some other form of affirmative action? Do we need to tackle this issue through better education to cultural diversity? Or maybe it’s sort of unrealistic to expect that everyone would be equally represented in every possible field, at any given point in time?

The comic obviously portrays an exaggerated situation for comical purposes, but it tries to make this exact point. Part of diversity is realizing that different groups of people, at different times, will dominate different areas and excel in different professions.

On that same notion, here’s what comedian Jerry Seinfeld had to say when confronted with the fact that guests on his online show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” are mostly white males:

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